Q. How do I store my tutu?
A. You can either fold (don't roll) your tutu or use the attached hanging loops. Covering tutus will protect them against stains and dust. For long term storage, choose breathable fabrics and protect from daylight. 

Q. Can I iron my Cirrus skirt?
A. Yes, our Callisto Cirrus tutus can be ironed on a low setting. Always test the setting on the attached test fabric first. Iron layer for layer, don't iron a false pleet in your skirt.

Q. How do I wash my tutu?
A. You can either wash the waistband or the entire skirt. Fill a bucket with low temperature water (optional: add a mild detergent) hang the waistband in the bucket, rinse well with clean water after. Or clean your entire tutu in the bucket. We advise to fold your tutu first. Ombré Wash waistband only, leaving the tulle out of the water or rinse your tutu with low temperature water from top to bottom to prevent color transfer. 

Q. How do I dry my tutu?
A. Gently squeeze most of the water out of your tutu. Fold a towel around your skirt, gently squeeze and roll towel dry. Repeat a few times. Hang somewhere safe to dry. 

Q. How do I keep the elastic in good condition? 
A. As unexpected as it sounds, the elastic needs to be worn to stay in good condition. This way the elastic doesn't dry out and remains moist. If your tutu is in storage for a long time, wear it occasionally for a short time.