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Swan Lake Gift Wrapping Callisto Dancewear

#2 Swan Lake Gift Wrapping + Bonus 🦢

Level up your ballet gift with our special Swan Lake follow along gift wrapping tutorial. Free Black & White Swan postcards included 🖤🦢 We know dancers love it! 


 1. Measure your wrapping paper

Place your gift on the paper. Measure an extra 2/3 of paper of the length of your gift for the top. For the bottom, use slightly less paper than the height of your gift. For the left and right sides, use slightly less paper than the width of the gift. The ratio will look like this.


2. Fold over the top to cover 2/3 of the gift. Secure with tape. 

3. Fold the left corner inwards with your left hand. This creates two paper triangles. Sharpen both folds. Use your right hand to keep the rest of the paper in place while folding.  

4. Fold (only) the top triangle to the right onto your gift. Hold this with your hand. Repeat these steps on the right side, folding the right top triangle to the left. 

5. Fold the left bottom triangle to the right over the other triangles and fold the right bottom triangle over to the left. Keeping everything in place with your hand. 

6. Fold the end of the right triangle inwards to create a nice line in the center of your gift. Sometimes it's necessary to extra seal the end with (double sided) tape.

7. Fold the paper inwards at the bottom and secure with tape. Your present is now ready and will look like this


8. Print one of our Swan Lake cards from our new postcards section. Add the written card to your gift. Optionally, you can add a beautiful bow. 

We are happy to hear how it went. Enjoy giving your special dance gift! 


Much Love,





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